The School of Bitcoin

V4V Open Lessons
Every week, we facilitate interactive lessons that are fueled by the collective efforts of our community and accessible to all individuals interested in sharing and honing their skills. Given the rapid pace of developments in the realm of Bitcoin, the most effective approach to staying well-informed is by fostering an environment of dynamic content creation that is driven by the community. In this collaborative framework, any willing participant can impart their knowledge during these lessons, and they are encouraged to include their unique lightning address within the video and repository, enabling learners to contribute donations directly to the instructors. Discover a vast collection of lessons conveniently stored in a searchable repository. Gain access to a wide range of knowledge and expertise. If you're interested in sharing your own lessons, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Additionally, the lessons are mirrored on the Open Bitcoin Channel, ensuring wider accessibility and dissemination of valuable information. What is Value 4 Value?
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